May 23 / Hyperlink Heroes

The hyperlink heroes regroup in this episode with topics like YouTube’s new edgy feature to rival, how you can see Sony’s E3 presentation with your over-buttered popcorn and the return of Doom.  This week’s movie is a 1990 horror-comedy from the U.K. dealing with a demonically possessed motorcycle.  It’s just as awesome as it sounds.


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May 16 / Hyperlink Heroes

In this episode the hyperlink heroes adjust to Austin’s recording environment (and gets rid of a spider in the process).  The heroes discuss what may lie ahead in the Nintendo “World” Championships, the Splatoon demo coming back for (wait for it) only one hour, and a seven year old game feels it needs love.  This week’s movie concerns a cyclone of metal created by a group of bumbling scientists who think that safety is far from golden, because who needs that?


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In this episode, the hyperlink heroes discuss what kind of Nintendo themed ride should be created in Universal Studios Theme Park.  Then they go into the sudden loss of Warcraft subscribers and why a certain website has acquired Witcher 3 codes out of nowhere.  This week’s movie is a 1987 TV film involving time travelers obsessed with both the 1980’s and the Old West.  Of course there is a 30-second moment with the male protagonist wearing a headband so you can check that one off on your 80’s cliche list.


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The hyperlink heroes have a mini-celebration of sorts.  Mostly by channeling their inner 90’s nostalgia with the announcement of Yooka-Laylee as well as discussing about noses and the freshest dirt of the video game console graveyard.  This week the heroes review a television show done by none other than Tommy Wiseau.  What antics is he up to now?  Apparently the keyboard slapping and underwear selling kind.


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April 25 / Hyperlink Heroes

In this episode, the hyperlink heroes discuss gaming terms unfamiliar to parents, the infliction of paid mods on Steam, the continuing saga of the amiibo insanity and the potentially epic Marvel games.  The movie this week is a Blair Witch ripoff involving a half-man, half-leopard creature that is most likely just disgusted at the camera crew and their atrocious outfits.


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April 18 / Hyperlink Heroes

The Hyperlink Heroes go into unfamiliar territory.  They explore Reddit’s fascination with buttons, the war of the plastic instruments, GameStop’s retro game scam and the coming and going of our favorite CEO.  This episode’s movie feels like if Interstellar dropped in quality and resorted to JPEG spaceships.


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April 11 / E3

In this episode, Austin talks about his Jar Jar purchase, a 16 year old game has a new expansion pack, McDonald’s is frying up Zelda Symphony tickets and Lego comes to life.  This week’s movie concerns a dangerous cube that has been placed upon a snowy mountain and the bumbling, unqualified crew that will try to save a third of the world.


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April 6 / Podcast
April 4 / Hyperlink Heroes

The Hyperlink Heroes return from their Comic-Con under the weather but ready to take on challenges.  In this episode, we discuss our experience cos-playing and interacting with interesting people. Then we dive into the Nintendo Direct and decide if it really was an April Fools’ trick.  Finally we go back to 1977 with a movie involving spiders, William Shatner, and a mayor obsessed with the county fair.


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