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Ease of control is a thing these days, and Enblink takes it one step further. For a mere $85 (and a Google TV box, and compatible appliances) you are granted the dogly power of speaking to your house in order to get your daily stuff done. For example, instead of having to go to your front door and locking it with a key, you can instead just tell it to lock itself. This is definitely for those after an even more sedentary lifestyle than the average Western world human being already has. Would you like the power to control your house with your voice?

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It is no joke, Nintendo still plan to single handedly slim down the world with its latest iteration of Wii Fit. It is coming with a “Fit Meter” which, with a new Balance Board, will set you back $90. If you’re a cool guy who already has a Balance Board from your original Wii console, you can skip that and just get the game and its new Fit Meter for $50. Apparently, the Fit Meters go for $20 themselves, so this is a bargain you should not miss!

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January 3 / Tablets

It appears that something apart from fancy animations is happening behind the scenes at DreamWorks. They are planning to release their own tablet, aptly named ‘DreamTab’. The New York Times sat down was told that the first model will be sold this spring for under $300, and that it will have the ability to interact with existing DreamWorks toys.

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