The hyperlink heroes have a mini-celebration of sorts.  Mostly by channeling their inner 90’s nostalgia with the announcement of Yooka-Laylee as well as discussing about noses and the freshest dirt of the video game console graveyard.  This week the heroes review a television show done by none other than Tommy Wiseau.  What antics is he up to now?  Apparently the keyboard slapping and underwear selling kind.


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February 28 / Hacking

The Hyperlink Heroes return with a full house.  In this episode, Austin talks about his two seconds of fame, video game trolls run amok and lack feelings, and this week’s movie is a B-movie ripoff of Predator, without any of the macho men or script.


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February 21 / Apps

It’s the premier of the show Hyperlink Heroes!  Join Austin and Stephen as they return to the podcasting world and take on new enemies.  Find out why your games are like cut meat and why you should never give money to dodgy people on Kickstarter.  This week’s movie of the week is about why you should never fly a plane in the ring of fire.


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October 25 / Microsoft
August 24 / Microsoft
August 17 / Nintendo
June 14 / Development