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Don’t worry, I thought the same thing at first. ‘Why the hell would anyone in the UK need to buy a TV tuner for their Xbox One when we already have 100+ channels with EPG for free??‘ Then he explained why. For the grand sum of £24.99/€29.99 (plus the cost of the Xbox One itself), you can turn your games console into what is effectively the Sky+HD UK satellite service with SkyGo. For those who don’t understand, that means live rewind, recording of shows, and watching it on other devices (Windows, iOS and Android) as you please. The added bonus of this? You can continue to play your game, and picture-in-picture your TV. Alternatively, pause, play your game, and start where you left off on TV. Or, continue watching on your tablet whilst playing your game. The other added bonus? There isn’t a monthly subscription. This is available in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, right now, in the Microsoft Store.

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