September 12 / Hyperlink Heroes

In the season finale of Hyperlink Heroes, the group tackles subjects near and dear to their hearts.  Nintendo forgets to internet again, Apple is 9 years late to the party, and Microsoft gets shinier with their updates.  Also happening on the internet, a 4chan user chops off his toe and John McAfee announces his run for president.  What a way to wrap up the first season.


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August 29 / Hyperlink Heroes

In this episode, Austin and Stephen get to business while Greg attends PAX.  Discussed is the generation gap regarding the video game streaming scene, and Shovel Knight has an amiibo with unlockable goodies.  Also find out why Google’s self-driving cars are having much difficulty with hipsters.  And finally there is a review for the 1999 movie adaptation of Wing Commander.  Find out if the movie has much substance beyond it’s quips and bleached hair.


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August 22 / Hyperlink Heroes

The Hyperlink Heroes regroup after two weeks of being busy.  Austin discusses his milk adventure, the newest Hitman movie is not welcomed with open arms, Red Ash redirects to anime and a Final Fantasy 7 fan-game tests the internet waters with a “beat em up” feel.  This episode also debuts a new segment called “That Happened” where the heroes discuss what’s happening in the internet.  This week, zombies infiltrate Chatroulette and Amazon quits Flash cold turkey.


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August 1 / Hyperlink Heroes

In this episode, the hyperlink heroes giggle and learn more about the planned Perfect Dark sequel back in 2000.  Red Ash hits some speed bumps but continues to move forward and Capcom tries their best to listen to their fans, or what’s left of them.  This week’s movie puts Dracula in a futuristic spaceship, but in reality it’s a warehouse break room full of pool tables and VCRs.  Also Coolio pretends to be a vampire.


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July 25 / Hyperlink Heroes

In this episode, the hyperlink heroes try to figure out some mysteries that have popped up this week.  What’s the deal with the creepy hellish noises in Splatoon?  Where will Tri Force Heroes fit in the Zelda timeline?  Why is it a bad idea to bring a doggy-bag full of Adderall to pro gaming events?  The heroes also passionately discuss the new Sharknado movie and whether it’s worth watching.


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June 14 / Hyperlink Heroes

In this episode, Austin has a dilemma about whether he should reveal the newly leaked Smash Bros characters (he does).  Also discussed are the Oculus Touch, Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS and a brand new YouTube app designed specifically for gaming.  The hyperlink heroes also review the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie.  Was that Scorpion fight scene still as spectacular now as it was back then?  You’ll find out!


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April 18 / Hyperlink Heroes

The Hyperlink Heroes go into unfamiliar territory.  They explore Reddit’s fascination with buttons, the war of the plastic instruments, GameStop’s retro game scam and the coming and going of our favorite CEO.  This episode’s movie feels like if Interstellar dropped in quality and resorted to JPEG spaceships.


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April 11 / E3

In this episode, Austin talks about his Jar Jar purchase, a 16 year old game has a new expansion pack, McDonald’s is frying up Zelda Symphony tickets and Lego comes to life.  This week’s movie concerns a dangerous cube that has been placed upon a snowy mountain and the bumbling, unqualified crew that will try to save a third of the world.


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March 14 / Development

In this episode, Austin pitches to the rest of the hyperlink heroes his flawless found-footage movie idea.  Then the team tackles issues of violence in Minecraft, Club Nintendo and the future of VR and AR technology.  The movie this week is about nature getting mad and fighting back… with frogs, spiders, iguanas and snakes resulting in people dying and cakes getting ruined.


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March 7 / Apple

The Hyperlink Heroes begin the episode with a sweet tooth.  Then their teeth gnash at EA, pencil lead scams and hackers.  This episode’s movie has mountain climbers getting torn apart and eaten by a dragon-like creature that can disappear without a trace, mostly because the animators were lazy.


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