Hyperlink Heroes

March 21 / Apps

The hyperlink heroes begin with a deep poem, a little too deep of one.  Then the team talks about Nintendo’s future plans, Metal Gear Solid, and the benefit of donating blood in Denmark.  This episode’s movie concerns Bigfoot and his quest to destroy any kind of technology that records him.  Seriously, think twice before making a Vine video of him.


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March 14 / Development

In this episode, Austin pitches to the rest of the hyperlink heroes his flawless found-footage movie idea.  Then the team tackles issues of violence in Minecraft, Club Nintendo and the future of VR and AR technology.  The movie this week is about nature getting mad and fighting back… with frogs, spiders, iguanas and snakes resulting in people dying and cakes getting ruined.


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March 7 / Apple

The Hyperlink Heroes begin the episode with a sweet tooth.  Then their teeth gnash at EA, pencil lead scams and hackers.  This episode’s movie has mountain climbers getting torn apart and eaten by a dragon-like creature that can disappear without a trace, mostly because the animators were lazy.


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February 28 / Hacking

The Hyperlink Heroes return with a full house.  In this episode, Austin talks about his two seconds of fame, video game trolls run amok and lack feelings, and this week’s movie is a B-movie ripoff of Predator, without any of the macho men or script.


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February 21 / Apps

It’s the premier of the show Hyperlink Heroes!  Join Austin and Stephen as they return to the podcasting world and take on new enemies.  Find out why your games are like cut meat and why you should never give money to dodgy people on Kickstarter.  This week’s movie of the week is about why you should never fly a plane in the ring of fire.


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