February 21 / Apps

It’s the premier of the show Hyperlink Heroes!  Join Austin and Stephen as they return to the podcasting world and take on new enemies.  Find out why your games are like cut meat and why you should never give money to dodgy people on Kickstarter.  This week’s movie of the week is about why you should never fly a plane in the ring of fire.


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October 19 / Apple
October 18 / Android

Recently, it seems like the major players in smartphones have gone up in size. They’re not exactly getting fat, they’re just becoming more…slate-like. Ever since the smartphone craze began around the launch of the iPhone 1.0, we’ve seen both Microsoft and Android enter the race, and slowly (but surely) increasing its screen sizes. Previous to this, it was a cool thing to *decrease* the size of your device. So what gives? The increase in size is not for the same reason. It’s no longer a technological limitation. More the fact that we now like bigger, shinier screens. But maybe it’s also to fit the ever increasing demand of hardware to fuel our ‘need to do everything’ device. This, as well as the iPhone 6 plus, is the example we have for this year. There’s a market for ‘like, the biggest and sharpest screen like evrrrrrr’ and there’s currently no sign of stopping this. Maybe they should start doing what games consoles and the iPad did, and release a ‘mini’ variant a few years down the line. You know, for those who want sensible size things at sensible prices. Out of the two flagship latest decevices from Google and Apple, however, you would have to be blind to not realise how much value for money you get out of the Nexus 6. It’s offering a 1440p screen, 2.7GHz processor and a rear-facing camera operating at 13MP. This will be an interesting one to see if Google can finally give Apple a run for their money, especially when tech enthusiasts are starting to say they’ve lost their touch with innovation. Will we have a new king in a smartphone vs smartphone race? Let’s just hope it doesn’t bend.

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