June 20 / E3

In this semi-special episode of Hyperlink Heroes, the gang talks all things E3.  Catch their opinions on Star Fox Zero, Doom, Star Wars Battlefront and more.  Don’t worry though, there is discussion on that new “Metroid Prime” game the whole internet is throwing a fit about.  These guys are named the Hyperlink Heroes for a reason.


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April 11 / E3

In this episode, Austin talks about his Jar Jar purchase, a 16 year old game has a new expansion pack, McDonald’s is frying up Zelda Symphony tickets and Lego comes to life.  This week’s movie concerns a dangerous cube that has been placed upon a snowy mountain and the bumbling, unqualified crew that will try to save a third of the world.


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June 10 / Development
June 10 / Development

In what was an admittedly cool scene of the Digital Event today, there was a serious announcement made. Nintendo are moving into the NFC figurines market by launching their own range called Amiibo. These figures have information going two ways: you can send character data to your Wii U (via that up-to-this-point useless NFC reader in the bottom left of your controller) but you can also build up your characters on and store it in the figure itself! Guess I’ll be leveling up a Yoshi to the max……how about you?

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